3M 1345 EMI Embossed Tin-Plated Copper Shielding Tape - 9mm Wide x 16.46 Metres

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  • Info image for our 3M 1345 EMI Embossed Tin-Plated Copper Shielding Tape - 9mm Wide x 16.46 Metres; Physical contact ensures excellent conductivity.
  • Thin, tin plated copper foil combined with an aggressive, acrylic adhesive. The backing on 3M 1345 cuts through the adhesive to ensure optimal electrical contact between application surface and the conductive backing on this tape.
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  • Embossed, dead-soft 0.04mm tin plated copper backing.
  • Emobssed pattern ensures excellent electrical conductivity through the adhesive.
  • Removable liner for easy handling.

3M 1345 Embossed Tin-Plated Copper EMI Shielding Tape is manufactured from a very thin, 0.04mm tin-plated copper foil backing coated on one side with an aggressive, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.

The backing on 3M 1345 is then pressed with an embossed pattern that causes the tin-plated copper foil to cut through the adhesive layer. This allows this tape to create and maintain, excellent, physical contact between tape backing and application surface.

3M 1345 Embossed Tin-Plated Copper EMI Shielding Tape is highly conductive and bonds well to most types of surfaces and materials. When the adhesive is included in the measurements, this tape has a total thickness of 0.101mm (compared to just 0.04mm for just the backing). It is flame retardant (UL certified) and has very low electrical resistance.

The tin plated copper foil backing on 3M 1345 can be soldered and has excellent resistance to discoloration and oxidation.

We slit all of our rolls of 3M 1345 EMI Shielding Tape in-house. If the size (width) you require isn't listed here please do contact us. We'll be happy to assist with custom-sized rolls.

Applications for 3M 1345 EMI Tape.

  • Grounding of equipment and components.
  • EMI shielding for rooms, equipment and components.
  • Creating conductive, physical pathways between objects.
  • Highly critical EMI shielding work that necessitates actual physical contact between linked components.

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3M 1345 Tape Specifications.

Colour Tin (Grey)
Adhesive Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Backing Material Embossed Dead-Soft Tin Plated Copper Foil
Backing Thickness 0.04mm
Total Tape Thickness 0.101mm
Electrical Resistance Through Adhesive 0.001 ohm
Adhesion to Steel 4.98 N/10mm
Roll Length 16.46 Metres


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Additional Information

16.46 Metres
Adhesive Type:
Electrically Conductive Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Tape Backing Material:
Embossed Dead-Soft Tin Plated Copper Foil
Adhesion to Steel:
4.98 N/10mm
Food Grade / Potable Water Approvals?:
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