DMD Insulation Paper - 0.30mm (3-5-3) x 1000mm Wide (Per Metre)

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  • Info Image for our DMD Insulation Paper - 0.30mm (3-5-3) x 1000mm Wide (Per Metre); Economical, general-purpose flexible insulation material
  • 0.30mm Thick economical grade of flexible electrical insulation for use in medium voltage machines up to 155°C. DMD is made from a combination of polyester film and fleece and is available by the metre
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  • Economical type of electrical insulation material for medium temperature machines.
  • Made from Polyester Film with a polyester fleece on both sides.
  • Excellent electrical and mechanical properties with a smooth surface finish.
  • Available in a selection of thicknesses by the roll, linear metre or a custom cut tapes and parts.

Used for electrical insulation, DMD Composite Paper is economical and versatile. This material is made from a single layer of polyester film that is coated on both sides with polyester felt. This three-layer constructions ensures the material offers good mechanical and dielectric strength while still being able to be impregnated by insulating varnishes.

DMD Electrical Insulation Paper is available in a selection of thicknesses. More information on these as well as it’s performance traits and benefits, is provided below:

Excellent Electrical Insulation Properties.

DMD’s construction ensures it provides good electrical strength. Specific breakdown voltage ratings vary depending on overall thickness and are summarised in the table below:

Thickness Designation Breakdown Voltage
0.15mm 2-2-2 6 kV
0.23mm 3-3-3 7 kV
0.3mm 3-5-3 10 kV
0.38mm 5-5-5 10 kV

Good Mechanical Strength.

In addition to its solid electrical properties, DMD is a strong yet flexible insulation paper material. It will withstand temperatures up to 155°C (Class F) and exhibits no delamination of the layers when tested at this temperature for 10 minutes. Strength ratings for various thicknesses are included below:

Thickness Designation Tensile Strength
Length, Before Bending
Tensile Strength
Length, After Bending
Tensile Strength
Cross, BeforeBending
Tensile Strength
Cross, After Bending
0.15mm 2-2-2 80 N/10mm 80 N/10mm 80 N/10mm 70 N/10mm
0.23mm 3-3-3 180 N/10mm 150 N/10mm 150 N/10mm 120 N/10mm
0.3mm 3-5-3 240 N/10mm 180 N/10mm 170 N/10mm 130 N/10mm
0.38mm 5-5-5 290 N/10mm 270 N/10mm 270 N/10mm 180 N/10mm

In addition to its excellent strength, DMD is also very easy to work with. The fleece layers on either side of the poly film are sealed with a light coating of varnish. This ensures that the material has a smooth surface finish and won’t catch if applied with machine taping systems.

Applications for DMD Insulation Paper.

DMD is typically used on low and medium voltage electric machines. Specific applications include:

  • Slot liner for electric motors.
  • Phase insulation.
  • Interlayer insulation material for transformers.

How to Buy our DMD Insulation Paper Online.

We are pleased to offer DMD Paper by the metre in a selection of thicknesses. To buy online, follow these steps:

  1. Select the number of lineal metres required and enter it as the quantity.
  2. Proceed through checkout.

We cut all our DMD from rolls and will supply your order as one single, continuous length wherever possible. Maximum roll lengths do limit us here. All thicknesses have a maximum roll length of 50 metres.

If you require cut insulation parts or slit rolls of DMD Insulation, we can assist with those as well. To enquire, please do contact us. We’ll be happy to assist.

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DMD Paper Specifications.

Thickness 0.15mm 0.23mm 0.3mm 0.38mm
Designation 2-2-2 3-3-3 3-5-3 5-5-5
Thickness Tolerance (±) 0.02mm 0.03mm 0.03mm 0.04mm
Nominal Weight 140g/m² 260g/m² 350g/m² 460g/m²
Film Thickness 50 micron 75 micron 125 micron 125 micron
Bond Strength at Room Temperature No Delamination
Bond Strength at 155°C for 10 Minutes No Delamination, No Blistering
Tensile Strength
Length, Before Bending
80 N/10mm 180 N/10mm 240 N/10mm 290 N/10mm
Tensile Strength
Length, After Bending
80 N/10mm 150 N/10mm 180 N/10mm 270 N/10mm
Tensile Strength
Cross, BeforeBending
80 N/10mm 150 N/10mm 170 N/10mm 270 N/10mm
Tensile Strength
Cross, After Bending
70 N/10mm 120 N/10mm 130 N/10mm 180 N/10mm
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