About Us

Swift Supplies LogoSwift Supplies Online Pty Ltd is a new company founded in 2016. We are 100% Australian-owned and independent. Though the company’s new, the people behind it are not. Together, we’ve got over 50 years experience in the industry and with our products specifically.

We started Swift Supplies on a simple premise; make industrial grade hardware products available to everyone. To do this, we’ve used our shared knowledge, experience and relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers to put together this site where we can offer everyone access to solutions often reserved for bigger businesses at a single, advertised price.

We don't have physical stores. Instead, we work through this website, email and, of course, over the phone. Don't think the lack of physical spaces means we don't have stock though. We'll never list anything as available unless we know it's in our warehouse. As I write this, we have over 150 different types of material in stock in over 1,400 sizes. I fully expect those numbers to continue to grow as we expand and grow our range.

Over the years, we've worked really hard to identify the best industrial grade products for all kinds of applications. Whether it's a DIY project, a hobby, a craft endeavour or something for your business, we know our range of specialised hardware and industrial solutions will perform. We believe in our products so much, we're pleased to offer a fantastic returns policy just in case you do end up with the wrong solution for you. 

We also believe that product information should be readily available so we’ve gone right ahead and put as much as possible about our products online so anyone can see it without creating an account, signing in or anything else. We really hope you sign up for our newsletter so we can keep sharing new information and our most recent product additions with you. But how could you know whether it’s worth signing up if you can’t see what we’re about first?

All of our product pages include a section that lists the questions we’re often asked about them and we’ll keep updating these as more and more questions are asked. We’re also committed to putting together comprehensive buying guides for our ranges, fleshing out our general FAQ and expanding on our glossary, and to keep updating these over time as new solutions and information becomes available.

Basically, you can sum up what we do like this…

  1. Identify the best products.
    Using our experience, relationships and global network, we constantly search and evaluate what solutions are being offered and how they’re working here and around the world.
  2. Negotiate the best prices.
    Once we find the product, we work to secure the best price possible so we can pass this on to you. We’ll be honest, sometimes there’ll be cheaper options out there. Sometimes we just don’t have the buying power of some of the bigger players. We're commited to minimising how often this happens and will keep working to offer the right combination of price, availability, service and comprehensive information. 
  3. Offer them to you in the way you want them.
    Turns out size does matter. Chances are though, smaller options are better. Sometimes you need 11mtrs of rubber strip and don’t want to buy 2 x 10Mtr rolls. No worries, we’ll sell it by the metre. Need 4 tubes of glue but the box holds 8, all good, we’ll ship you just the 4 you need. Need a special size for your job, just ask. We’ll do what we can to accommodate it.
  4. Listen, learn and repeat.
    This is important. The reason we’re able to offer all these products is our experience with them. That said, no amount of experience means we’ll ever discount the importance of continuing to learn and the best way for us to do that is to listen to what matters to you. When you’re good enough to give us feedback via a review, email or a comment on one of our social pages we make sure we listen and use this to guide future product selection, the sizes we offer as standard and the services we add.

We love hearing about all the different uses people find for our products, and helping them solve their problems in new and different ways. That’s why we do this, because even fairly boring products, when deployed correctly, can lead to some pretty amazing solutions.

We hope you find our site useful and that you find the exact product you need for your job. If you ever run into any issues or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll help in any way we can.

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