Fluorodyn Viton Caulk - 71ml Squeeze Tube

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  • Info Image for our Fluorodyn Viton Caulk; Viton Adhesive & Coating for Extreme Conditions.
  • A sealant for the harshest corrosive chemical environments. This famous caulk compound is made with the ultra-chemical resistant Viton, making it the perfect choice for leak free sealing, bonding or lining in extreme environments.
  • The Fluorodyn Viton Caulk range of sizes.
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  • High Temperature Adhesive, Sealant & Coating made from Viton.
  • Outstanding Resistance to Almost all Chemicals including Acids, Oils and Fuels.
  • Very Good Corrosion Protection Characteristics to Protect Coated Surfaces.

Fluorodyn Viton® Caulk is a premium quality, industrial-grade adhesive, sealant and coating suitable for virtually all environments.

This liquid Viton withstands attack from virtually all mineral acids and hydrocarbons, including Nitric, Hydrochloric, and Sulfuric. It also resists fuels, UV, oils, antifreeze and a large range of other chemicals and media that might break-down other sealants or coatings.

Fluorodyn Viton Caulk is made using 100% genuine Chemours (formerly DuPont) Viton®. It is a one component adhesive coating that is made with 75% solids which makes it easy to apply from either the squeeze tube or cartridge. Both can be spread with a trowel for making coatings.

This very high-quality coating, sealant and adhesive has a variety of benefits that has led to its use in critical applications all around the world. These are explained in more detail in the sections below:

Unparalleled Chemical Resistance.

In the world of rubbers, Viton is chosen for the most demanding of applications because of its unrivalled chemical resistance. Our Viton Caulk is similar.

Fluorodyn Caulk is impervious to Ozone & also resistant to UV Light, Aliphatic, Aromatic, and Halogenated Hydrocarbons, Hot Oils, Hot Acids, Hot Water, Steam and Heat up to 232°C. It withstands attack from virtually all mineral acids and hydrocarbons, including Nitric, Hydrochloric, and Sulfuric.

Fluorodyn Caulk is the ideal caulk or coating for Environmental Protection where Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, Jet Fuels, Oils, Antifreeze & other Chemicals may be spilled and absorbed into and through pavements and pavement expansion joints and into the soil.

Excellent Temperature Resistance.

Fluorodyn Viton Caulk can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 232°C.

Versatile, Easy to Use and Resealable for Reduced Wastage.

Viton Caulk is compounded with 75% solids, making it an easy to apply, One Part Caulk. Both the 71ml Squeeze Tubes and 320ml Cartridges are resealable and, provided they are sealed again properly after use, will last indefinitely for reduced wastage.

No special tools are required as the cartridges can be dispensed using a standard caulking gun. The caulk itself can be troweled onto surfaces until you reach the desired thickness. It is completely UV stabilised, making it highly resistant to ozone effects and extreme weather conditions.

Viton Caulk bonds very well to most rubbers (including Viton), Concrete, Glass, Ceramic and Metal.

Applications for Fluorodyn Viton Caulk.

Viton Caulk is most commonly used for repair and sealing applications and/or to protect equipment from corrosion. It can be used to bond or seal Viton rubber parts or as a cold joining adhesive for Viton seals.

Other applications for this quality adhesive sealant include:

  • Lining and sealing around petroleum storage tanks.
  • Lining the inside of motorbike fuel tanks.
  • Sealing retaining walls.
  • Pipe lining.
  • Expansion joints on airport runways.
  • Sealing and bonding airport refueling aprons.
  • Sealing ship storage tanks.
  • Rail car lining.
  • As a chemical resistant flange sealing / liquid gasket.
  • Bonding Viton sheets to themselves or other surfaces.
  • As a high temperature concrete sealant.
  • Flue duct expansion joint repair.
  • Vapour recovery tanks.
  • All kinds of other applications that require a high temperature, chemical resistance adhesive, sealant or coating.

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Fluorodyn Viton Caulk Specifications.

Colour Black
Solids Content by Weight 75%
Tensile Strength 1655 PSI
Ultimate Elongation 285%
Maximum Operating Temperature 232°C
Concrete Adhesion 360 PSI
Pot Life @ 22°C Indefinite, As Long as Containers are Resealed Immediately After Use.
Application Methods Squeeze Tube (71ml) or Cartridge Gun (320ml) or Trowell.
Swell Test Data (% Increase by Volume)
Concentrated Sulfuric Acid 6%
Concentrated Nitric Acid 8%
Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid 3%


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1655 psi
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