Vidaflex 111 Insulation Sleeving 8mm Dia x 100 Metres Long

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  • Info Image for our Vidaflex 111 Insulation Sleeving 8mm Dia x 100 Metres Long; Heat Resistant Electrical Insulation Sleeving
  • 8mm Dia, full rolls of this heat resistant sleeving made from fibreglass with a light silicone coating. Vidaflex 111 has very good electrical properties, handles temperatures up to 260°C and is ideal for insulating and protecting cables and wires.
  • Vidaflex 111 Sleeving in a few sizes.
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  • Insulate and protect cables, leads and wires in temperatures up to 250°C.
  • Withstands short-term spikes up to 450°C.
  • Available in a large selection of sizes.
  • Manufactured from braided fibreglass sleeve that is impregnated with a special silicone resin.

Our Vidaflex 111 Heat Resistant, Silicone Coated Fibreglass Sleeving is widely used for electrical insulation and the protection of cables & wires. This type of electrical sleeving is particularly suitable for use in high heat environments and is a popular choice for lead-out insulation for Class C (220°C) rated electric motors.

This high quality electrical sleeving has several benefits, including:

Quality Construction.

Known, used and trusted for decades, Vidaflex 111 is made from a braided fibreglass sleeving that is then thoroughly impregnated with a specialised silicone resin. The resin is transparent and remains flexible once cured to allow the sleeving to expand, twist and bend with ease.

The use of the silicone impregnating resin helps to seal the fibreglass and prevent fraying. It also helps to reduce the potential for skin irritation that exposed fibreglass can oftentimes present.

This quality electrical sleeving meets the requirements of the following specifications:    
IEC 684-3-402 except voltage proof.
ASTM D-372 Type 4.

It is also RoHS Compliant.

High Temperature Resistance.

Vidaflex 111 is a high temperature electrical insulation sleeving that is often used in Class C rated electric motors and transformers. It can handle continuous exposure to temperatures between -60°C and +250°C. It will also handle short-term spikes to 450°C.

Vidaflex 111 is non-ignitable.

Good Electrical Properties.

Vidaflex 111 is often used as a high temperature, primary electrical insulation sleeve or as an additional, secondary insulation and protective layer for cables and leads. It has a dielectric strength rating of 0.8kV/mm.

Easy to Use and Install.

This electrical insulation sleeving is quite flexible and easy to work with. It can handle tight turns and bends with ease and has a little bit of expansion with the bore size to allow it to squeeze over junctions and connections.

The silicone resin coating used on the fibreglass base layer remains flexible and is quite light weight.

Applications for Vidaflex 111 Silicone Fibreglass Sleeving.

  • Primary insulation of cables and leads in high temperature applications.
  • For electric motors and transformers rated to Class C or above.
  • For the insulation of heater element leads in hot running domestic and heating appliances.
  • As an additional protective layer where plastic insulated cables and wire enter the hot region of light fittings.
  • In the automotive sector as an insulation sleeving for cables passing through high temperature areas.
  • In machine construction and repair to protect and/or insulate wires and leads.

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Vidaflex 111 Sleeving Specifications.

Property Typical Value
Colour Tan
Continuous Operating Temperature -60°C to +250°C
Short-Term Temperature Rating 450°C
Dielectric Strength Tested to IEC 684-2 0.8kV / 1 min.
Flammability Non-Ignitable
  • IEC 684-3-402 (Except Voltage Proof)
  • ASTM D-372 Type 4
  • RoHS Compliant

Size Information for Vidaflex 111

Nominal ID Nominal Wall Thickness Full Roll Length
2mm Ø 0.3mm - 0.5mm 250 Metres
3mm Ø 0.3mm - 0.5mm 250 Metres
4mm Ø 0.3mm - 0.5mm 100 Metres
5mm Ø 0.3mm - 0.5mm 100 Metres
6mm Ø 0.5mm - 0.7mm 100 Metres
8mm Ø 0.5mm - 0.7mm 100 Metres
10mm Ø 0.5mm - 0.7mm 50 Metres
12mm Ø 0.5mm - 0.7mm 50 Metres
14mm Ø 0.5mm - 0.7mm 50 Metres
16mm Ø 0.7mm - 1.2mm 50 Metres
20mm Ø 0.7mm - 1.2mm 50 Metres

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Additional Information

100 Metres
Minimum Continuous Temperature:
Maximum Continuous Temperature:
Short-Term Temperature Resistance:
Dielectric Strength:
0.8kV / 1 min (IEC 684-2)
Food Grade / Potable Water Approvals?:
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