Natural Insertion Rubber Sheet 4.5mm Thick x 1200mm (Black, 60 Duro, Per Metre)

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  • Info Image for our Natural Insertion Rubber Sheet 4.5mm Thick x 1200mm (Black, 60 Duro, Per Metre); General-purpose rubber with cotton reinforcement.
  • 4.5mm thick tough, abrasion resistant and long lasting. Natural rubber insertion sheet is an economical grade of general purpose rubber suitable for many day-to-day sealing and lining applications. Available, by the metre.
  • Close up view of the reinforcement in one of the thinner grades of Insertion Rubber Sheet
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  • Economical grade of general purpose rubber for lining, sealing and protection.
  • Reinforced with cotton for added physical strength and resistance to tearing.
  • Good resistance to mild acids and alkalis with excellent sealing performance.

Natural Insertion Rubber Sheet is an economical form of general purpose rubber. It is known by a number of names including Insertion Rubber, Natural Rubber Insertion and NRI. This type is made using natural rubber compound that is reinforced with one, or more (depending on the thickness) layers of cotton running through the middle. This means that rubber sheet has the sealing attributes you’re used to with natural rubber but added tensile strength because of the cotton.

Our Insertion Rubber Sheet can be cut using a Stanley knife or scissors (for the thinner types). It also has good resistance to mild acids and alkalis as well as ozone. This type of rubber is not suggested for sealing oils, petroleum or hydrocarbons (for more info on what the chemical resistance of insertion rubber, click here to see our rubber chemical page).

Instead, this rubber product it is usually used for things like wear pads, water seals or other uses that require a rubber with good abrasion resistance, controlled elongation and reliable performance at a low price point.

Applications for Natural Insertion Rubber Sheet.

  • Rubber mats.
  • Protective floor sheets.
  • Rubber pads and sealing strips.
  • Rubber gaskets, washers and seals.
  • Pump seals, tank seals and gaskets for low pressure pipes.
  • Rubber skirts.
  • Rubber liners.
  • Rubber bumpers.

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FAQ's for our Insertion Rubber Strip

How many layers of cotton are there?

This can vary depending on the manufacturer of the rubber. Here at Swift, we’ve standardised it to make things simple:

1.5mm & 3mm = 1 Ply of Cotton.

4.5mm, 6mm, 9mm & 12mm = 2 Ply of Cotton

Of course, we can arrange other constructions (e.g. 2 ply for 3mm thick) but everything listed here follows the specifications listed above.

If I order 5 metres, will you supply it in a continuous length of 5 metres or 5 x 1 metre pieces?

Generally, we’ll supply in one continuous length wherever possible. The only exception is when the length you have ordered exceeds the maximum roll length for that thickness of material. The maximum continuous length we can supply (as standard) is 10 metres (shorter for some of the thicker grades). Please contact us if you need lengths over 10 metres as we can arrange extra-long rolls.

Natural Rubber Insertion, Black, 60 Duro Specifications.

Colour Black
Insertion Cotton
Polymer NR/SBR (Natural Rubber / Styrene Butadiene Rubber)
Hardness 60 Shore A (+/- 5) Durometer
Continuous Operating Temperature 0°C to 70°C
Elongation at Break 300%
Tear Strength 12 N / mm
Specific Gravity 1.55
Potable Water No
Food Grade No
Abrasion Resistance High
Hydrocarbon and Fuel Resistance Low
Tearing Resistance High
UV / Sunlight Resistance Medium

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