SC 2000 Cold Vulcanising Cement Adhesive + UTR20 Hardener - 1kg Kit

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  • Industrial grade adhesive that cures at room temperature. SC 2000 Cold Vulcanising Cement is widely recognised as a world leading adhesive and creates high strength, permanent bonds.
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  • Very high strength adhesive widely recognised as the world’s finest cold vulcanising cement.
  • Two-part adhesive that cures at room temperature.
  • Bonds rubber to steel, fabric, concrete, fibreglass other rubbers and more.

SC 2000 Cement is an industrial grade adhesive used to create high strength, permanent bonds. It is a two-part adhesive system that cures at room temperature and is compatible with a variety of materials and surface types.

REMA Tip-Top SC 2000 is particularly compatible with Natural Rubber, Neoprene Rubber, SBR (Styrene-Butadiene) and more. It can be used to bond these rubbers together, or to stick them to steel, concrete, fibreglass, fabric or other types of surfaces.

SC 2000 is black in colour and, once mixed, has the consistency of a brushable liquid. It has excellent oil resistance.

This industrial cold vulcanising adhesive will withstand temperatures up to 80°C (slightly higher for rubber to metal bonds) and has a pot life of 2 hours. Once applied, initial bonds will develop in about 2 hours though these will continue to strengthen after this. Depending on the material combinations, the difference between initial and final bond strength can be quite significant as the table on the specifications tab details.

Typical Applications for SC 2000 Vulcanising Adhesive

  • Installing lining rubber.
  • Laminating rubber sheets.
  • Bonding rubber to fabric (such as fibreglass cloth).
  • Sticking rubber wear and protection strips to steel.
  • Attaching rubber to concrete.
  • Rubber to wood.
  • Splicing and repair of fabric conveyor belting.
  • Repairs to rubber lined vessels and all sorts of rubber components.

SC 2000 Vulcanising Adhesive Downloads & Resources.

SC 2000 Cold Vulcanising Cement Specifications.

Colour Black
Weight per Gallon 5kg
Consistency Brushable Liquid
Diluents Trichloroethylene
Coverage 2m² to 2.5m² per 1kg per brush coating (approx.)
Gel Time (Working Time) 2 Hours @ 21°C (approx.)
Application Temperature +10°C to +45°C
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperatures
Rubber to Metal 100°C
Rubber to Rubber 80°C
Rubber to Fabric 80°C
Bond Strengths (Measured in lbs. per inch peel strength)
Combination 2 Hrs 5 Hrs 12 Hrs 24 Hrs 7 Days
Rubber to Steel 60 63 64 65 72
Rubber to Rubber 24 29 34 40 60
Fabric to Fabric 20 24 25 28 32
Rubber to Fabric 18 24 26 28 55

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