Silicone Rubber Pre-Cut Mat (Black, FDA) 2mm x 300mm x 1200mm (60 Duro)

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  • Info Image for our Silicone Rubber Pre-Cut Mat (Black, FDA) 2mm x 300mm x 1200mm (60 Duro); High quality silicone rubber cut to size.
  • 2mm thick premium grade silicone rubber cut to size. This quality silicone is FDA approved for food grade apps and WRAS approved for potable water. It withstands high temperatures.
  • 2mm thick premium grade silicone rubber cut to size. This quality silicone is FDA approved for food grade apps and WRAS approved for potable water. It withstands high temperatures.
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  • High quality, industrial grade of silicone rubber sheet for making gaskets, seals, wear pads, liners and more.
  • Excellent temperature resistance, good chemical resistance and very flexible with good elasticity.
  • FDA approved for direct food contact and WRAS approved for potable water sealing.

Silicone Rubber Sheet is an extremely versatile type of rubber that is widely used for sealing and insulation work. Second only to our Red Silicone Rubber in terms of popularity, our Black Silicone Rubber Sheet offers the same all-round performance characteristics and quality.

Like our red and white silicones, this black grade is a premium quality elastomer that combines outstanding chemical resistance with excellent electrical insulation properties and sealing performance. It can be used in areas where it will have direct contact with food (as per FDA and EU standards) and for sealing potable (drinking) water (as per WRAS).

It also carries certifications for several other applications which are detailed more on the attached technical data and over on the specifications tab.

Black Silicone Rubber has very good temperature resistance and is used for sealing in both low and high temperature applications. On the low end, it can withstand temperatures down to -60°C. At the other end of the spectrum, white silicone can handle continuous exposure to up to +230°C as well as short-term spikes to +250°C.

When exposed to these temperatures, our white silicone rubber does not become brittle or crack. It can therefore maintain its sealing performance across a long service life.

Silicone Rubber Sheet has very low thermal conductivity and makes a good thermal insulation barrier. It will also seal with small amounts of compression and maintain this seal for an extended period. It has excellent UV, ozone and weathering resistance in addition to the aforementioned ability to resist aging.

Black Silicone Rubber Sheet has a smooth surface finish and is available in a selection of thicknesses. It is used in a very broad variety of applications; just some of which are listed below.

Typical Applications for Black Silicone Rubber Sheet.

  • High temperature gaskets and seals for heating equipment.
  • For making seals for electrical applications that require good sealing characteristics and high dielectric strength.
  • Automotive gaskets and sealing strips.
  • For making insulating (thermal and electric) gaskets and seals for lighting fixtures.
  • Sealing strips used in construction.
  • Sealing air conditioning units and compressors.
  • Making seals for catering equipment.
  • Sealing water tanks, piping and beverage distribution equipment.
  • For making sealing strips and wear protection strips for use in catering and food preparation areas.
  • For making all kinds of gaskets, sealing strips, wear pads, insulation pads and components for the food and beverage, marine, automotive, air conditioning, construction, agricultural, rail, pharmaceutical, electrical, lighting, power generation and aerospace sectors.

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FAQ's for our Silicone Rubber Sheet

Can you supply cut silicone gaskets or pieces?

We can. Obviously, the range of potential sizes is almost limitless so if you would like us to quote on supplying custom cut silicone parts please do contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

What adhesive should I use to stick this down?

If at all possible a silicone adhesive is the best way to go. Our HT 300 High Temperature Silicone is a similar colour to this red silicone sheet and doesn’t compromise temperature resistance. Black Seal is another high temperature silicone with oil and grease resistance that will also stick to silicone sheet very well.

If you only need to stick down small sections or need something that will cure faster than a silicone, it is possible to use our VA 8406 Industrial Super Glue along with our Contact Primer for Polyolefins. In our experience, most super glues without an additional primer will not bond silicone well.

Silicone Rubber Sheet (Black, FDA Approved) Specifications.

Colour Black
Insertion None
Hardness (ASTM D2240) 60 Shore A (+/- 5) Durometer
Continuous Operating Temperature -60°C to +230°C
Short-Term Operating Temperature 250°C
Brittle Point -80°C
Elongation at Break (ASTM D412) 340%
Tear Strength (ASTM D624) 14.2 N / mm
Tensile Strength (ASTM D412) 1146 PSI
Potable Water WRAS Approved for Potable Water
at Temperatures up to 85°C
FDA Compliant As Per 21 CFR 177.2600
(Suitable for Direct Food Contact)
EC Food Safe Compliant with EC 1935/2004 
(Suitable for Direct Food Contact)
RoHS and REACh Both Fully Compliant
FMVSS 302 Meets Part 571 Flammability Test

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Minimum Continuous Temperature:
Maximum Continuous Temperature:
Short-Term Temperature Resistance:
Shore Hardness:
60 Shore A
Elongation at Break:
Food Grade / Potable Water Approvals?:
Sheet Size:
300mm x 1200mm
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