Contact Adhesive Activator Spray - 150ml

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  • Info Image for our Contact Adhesive Activator Spray; Accelerates the Curing of Weicon Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
  • A fast, simple and highly effective option for speeding up the cure time of various types of super glue. Our Contact Adhesive Activator Spray quickens cure, improves bonding of porous or passive surfaces and more.
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  • Accelerates the curing time of Weicon Cyanoacrylate Adhesives (Super Glues).
  • Particularly effective with higher viscosity, thicker types of super glue.
  • Also good for when the glue is applied in thicker layers, or when bonding porous / passive materials.
  • Helps with gluing in tricky environmental conditions (low temperatures, low humidity).

Our Contact Adhesive Activator Spray is a fast, simple, effective spray for accelerating the cure time of our range of Weicon Super Glues. This spray is particularly effective at quickening cure of the thicker, pastier types of super glue but can also assist with bonding several different types of materials and/or in non-ideal bonding conditions.

Weicon Contact Adhesive Activator Spray is applied directly to one of the two surfaces being bonded. It should then be left to evaporate and settle for about 30 seconds. The glue is applied to the other surface and, once the 30 seconds has passed, the two faces are joined.

Typical Use Cases for CA Activator Spray.

Contact Adhesive Activator Spray is usually used when one (or more) of the following are true:

  • You are working with medium to high viscosity super glues (e.g VA 100, Contact Gel) and want to speed up the cure time.
  • You are applying thick layers of super glue.
  • You are bonding absorbing or porous surfaces (e.g. sponge, wood).
  • You are bonding passive materials (e.g. alkaline surfaces, zinc coated metal).
  • You are working in non-ideal environmental conditions (e.g. low temperature, humidity under 30%).

In these situations, CA Activator Spray is a strong option for increasing the performance of the glue while simultaneously decreasing the cure time.

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