HT 300 High Temperature Silicone - 85ml Tube

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  • Info Image for our HT 300 High Temperature Silicone; 280°C Silicone for Making Gaskets, Sealing and Bonding
  • Weicon HT 300 High Temperature Silicone is designed for prolonged exposure and long term performance in high temperatures. It withstands permanent exposure to 280°C and 300°C short-term. This one part silicone adhesive is red and highly elastic.
  • High temperature gasket making with HT 300 High Temperature Silicone.
  • Sealing industrial heating equipment with HT 300 High Temperature Silicone.
  • The HT 300 High Temperature Silicone range of standard sizes.
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  • Withstands continuous temperatures of 280°C (300°C short term).
  • Professional quality RTV Silicone Sealant manufactured in Germany.
  • Excellent adhesive strength and highly elastic.
  • Resistant to weathering, ageing and many chemicals.

Applications for HT 300 High Temperature Silicone

  • Making high temperature automotive gaskets and seals (our Black Seal is also especially good for this).
  • Bonding and sealing in industrial furnaces.
  • Sealing and bonding in flue gas systems.
  • Sealing around heating installations and equipment.
  • Making adhesive gaskets for exhaust systems.
  • Sealing panels, doors and access points around heating cabinets.
  • Forming high temperature silicone gaskets.
  • Bonding and laminating silicone rubber parts, sheet and components.

Weicon HT 300 High Temperature Silicone is a one part, acetic cure silicone designed for sealing and bonding in high temperatures. This high quality silicone is red in colour, free of solvents and creates very strong bonds and seals. It can be used to bond a variety of materials to each other and also for making formed in place silicone gaskets These bonds and seals are resistant to ageing, exhibit good chemical resistance and are extremely elastic with a maximum elongation of 500%.

Weicon HT 300 High Temperature Silicone withstands short periods (up to about 2 hours) of exposure to 300°C and can handle 280°C on a continuous basis. It bonds particularly well to steel, aluminium and most others metals as well as glass, ceramics and a range of other materials. This is a room temperature vulcanising (RTV) silicone that will cure without any special processing.  

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HT 300 Silicone Specifications.

Colour Red
Basis Acetate Silicone (One Part)
Continuous Temperature Resistance -50°C to +280°C
Short-Term Temperature Resistance 300°C (2 Hour Maximum)
Skin Over Time 12 Minutes
Cure Speed 2-3mm in the first 24 hours
Shore Hardness 35 Shore A
Potable Water No
Food Applications No
Elongation At Break 500%
Maximum Depth 5mm
Maximum Width 25mm
Building Material Category Code B 2
IMPA Reference 81 52 82 (85ml Tube), 81 52 83 (310ml Cartridge)
ISSA Reference 75.634.21 (85ml Tube), 75.634.20 (310ml Cartridge)

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Additional Information

Container Size:
One Part / Two Part:
One Part
Minimum Continuous Temperature:
Maximum Continuous Temperature:
Short-Term Temperature Resistance:
300°C (2 Hours Maximum)
Max. Gap Covering Power:
5mm Deep / 25mm Wide
1.28 g/cm³
Shore Hardness:
35 Shore A
Stability / Run-off:
1mm (ASTM D 222)
Skin Over Time:
12 Minutes
Elongation at Break:
Tensile Strength of the Adhesive:
2 N/mm²
Max. Movement Capacity:
Food Grade / Potable Water Approvals?:
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