Cleaner Spray S - 500ml

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  • Info Image for our Cleaner Spray S; An Extremely Powerful Cleaning Spray.
  • An extremely powerful cleaner and degreaser, Cleaner Spray S can be used for cleaning all kinds of different surfaces and parts and evaporates without leaving behind any residues. Made in Germany, this versatile cleaning spray is available in 500ml cans.
  • Cleaner Spray S being used to clean a hose plug before it is connected
  • Cleaner Spray S cleaning soiled metal components
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  • Powerful, industrial-grade cleaning and degreasing spray
  • Can be used on all metals, glass, ceramics and most plastics
  • Fast acting and evaporates without leaving behind any messy residues

Cleaner Spray S is an extremely powerful, industrial-grade cleaner and degreaser. Packaged in easy to use, 500ml, aerosol form, this spray is manufactured by Weicon in Germany and is trusted around the world for demanding cleaning work.

Cleaner Spray S can be used on all kinds of metals as well as glass, ceramics and other hearty surfaces like stone and masonry. It is able to be used on many types of plastic (such as PVC, acrylic and polystyrene), but a test is suggested first to make sure it will not damage the surface of more sensate types. Cleaner S is widely used for cleaning and degreasing before priming, bonding or painting and is also used for cleaning machine parts and other greasy surfaces. It effectively cleans oils, greases and even gummy adhesive residues.

This high quality cleaner is packaged in aerosols with a special valve that allows you to spray above your head when required. It has a slight, citrus odour and is colourless. After application, Cleaner Spray S will evaporate without leaving behind any messy residues that need to be cleaned themselves. 

Applications for Cleaner Spray S

  • Cleaning machine parts and surfaces
  • Cleaning brakes and gears
  • Degreasing oily surfaces
  • Cleaning surfaces before they are bonded
  • Preparing surfaces to be primed or painted
  • Cleaning O Ring Cord before the adhesive is applied
  • Cleaning parts that will be sealed with silicones or elastic adhesives
  • Cleaning oily or greasy surfaces on boats and ships
  • Cleaning automotive parts and components
  • Cleaning work surfaces, benches and tools
  • Removing Corro-Protection Spray when desired
  • Many, many more areas in the automotive, DIY, industrial, mining, engineering, facilities maintenance, marine, transport and energy sectors.

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Cleaner Spray S Specifications.

Colour Colourless / Clear
Scent Orange / Citrus
Minimum Shelf-Life  24 Months
IMPA 45 08 01
ISSA 53.402.01
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