Flex 310M HT 200 High Temperature Adhesive Sealant - 310ml

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  • Flex 310M HT 200 High Temperature Adhesive Sealant; For bonding and sealing parts being powder coated.
  • HT 200 is a high temperature grade of MS Polymer Adhesive Sealant able to withstand 200°C for 30 minutes. It’s grey, bonds well to most surfaces, is free of silicone and is ideal for bonding or sealing parts that need to be thermal or powder coated.
  • Weicon Flex 310 M HT 200 High Temperature Sealant used before powder coating
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  • High temperature grade capable of handling 200°C for short periods
  • Can be powder coated (once fully cured)
  • Silicone free, high strength and suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Weicon Flex 310 M HT 200 High Temperature Sealant is a special grade designed to handle elevated temperatures. This adhesive sealant is able to withstand 180°C for 45 minutes or 200°C for 30 minutes. This, coupled with the fact that it is silicone free, makes it ideal for use in bonding parts that need to be powder coated. Once HT 200 is fully cured, it can be powder coated too.

Weicon Flex 310 M HT 200 High Temperature Sealant is grey in colour so that it matches in with metal components. It is completely free of silicone and solvents and has excellent UV resistance which allows it to be used indoors or outdoors. It is also compatible with fresh and salt water and remains permanently elastic with good elongation (400%).

Flex 310 M HT 200 creates strong adhesive bonds and is compatible with most materials and surface types. It’s easy to apply using a standard caulking gun and has a pasty consistency to make accurate application quite simple.

Applications for Flex 310 M HT 200

  • Sealing and bonding in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Repairs to and construction of wagons, vehicles and ships
  • Container and tank construction and repair
  • Bonding and sealing metal plates, parts or components that need to be powder or thermal coated
  • Bonding and sealing application where silicones are not able to be used

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Flex 310M HT 200 Specifications.

Property Typical Value Standard
Colours Grey -
Basis 1 Component Polyoxypropylener -
Viscosity Pasty -
Stability / Run-off <1mm ASTM D 222
Density 1.41 g/cm³ -
Curing Conditions +5°C to 40°C w/ 30%-95% Relative Humidity. -
Skin-Over Time 10 MInutes 50% Relative Humidity, 23°C.
Cure Speed (First 24 Hours) 3-4mm -
Cure Type Humidity -
Shore Hardness 55 Shore A (+/- 5) DIN 535 / ASTM D 224
Elongation at Break 400% (+/- 5) DIN 53504 / ASTM D 2240
Tensile Strength of the Pure Adhesive Sealant 3.2 N/mm² -
Tear Strength 21 N/mm² DIN 53515 / ASTM D 1002
Overpaintable w/ Liquid Paint Yes, Only After Complete Cure. -
Building Material Category Code B 2 DIN 412
Temperature Resisance -40°C to +90°C Continuous
Up to +180°C for 45 Minutes.
Up to +200°C for 30 Minutes.
Minimum Shelf Life 12 Months when stored at 5°C to 25°C -

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Additional Information

Container Size:
One Part / Two Part:
One Part
Minimum Continuous Temperature:
Maximum Continuous Temperature:
Short-Term Temperature Resistance:
180°C (45 Minutes Maximum) | 200°C (30 Minutes Maximum)
1.41 g/cm³
Shore Hardness:
55 Shore A
Stability / Run-off:
1mm (ASTM D 222)
Skin Over Time:
10 Minutes
Elongation at Break:
Tensile Strength of the Adhesive:
3.2 N/mm²
Food Grade / Potable Water Approvals?:
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