Rust Converter Spray - 400ml

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  • Info Image for our Rust Converter Spray; Rust Converter & Base Coat In One Spray.
  • A special spray that permanently neutralises rust and creates a base coat in just one process. Rust Converter can be used on all kinds of rusted metal and can be painted over once dry.
  • Rust Converter Spray used to neutralise rust on metal
  • Rust Converter Spray being used on a rusted housing
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  • Neutralises rust on steel, iron and metal.
  • Creates a base coat for future treatment (e.g. coating with Zinc Spray, painting).
  • Perfect for removing rust, preventing its reappearance and pre-emptive, preventative coating.

Rust Converter is a specially engineered spray that neutralises rust on metal objects and surfaces. It is sprayed directly onto the rusted part where it forms a metallic-organic iron complex layer that will be black in colour.

This layer then serves as a base coat for other coatings and permanent treatments. It can be painted or coated with one of our many anti-corrosion sprays (e.g. Zinc Spray) for appearance or enhanced protection.

Rust Converter Spray is very easy to use. Once you have the surface cleaned and dry, simply spray directly onto the rusted area. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes and repeat 2 or three times (3 to 4 sprays in total). Once done, leave to dry for about 2 hours and you’re ready to apply the top coat.

Rust Protection Spray can be used on rusted parts located indoors or outdoors. This industrial-grade spray has been engineered by Weicon in Germany and is trusted in many sectors around the world. It is widely used for facilities management and maintenance, on agricultural equipment and in many areas in the transport industry. It is also commonly used in the marine and shipping sector and has been registered with the IMPA (IMPA # 45 08 20).

Once dry, our Rust Converter will withstand temperatures between -50°C and +80°C. It will also handle short-term exposure up to 160°C. If you decide against applying a top coat, the layer formed by Rust Converter itself is still very long lasting and an effective way of sealing rust. The coating will also offer good weather and UV resistance as well as excellent resistance to solvents.

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Rust Converter Spray Specifications.

Colour (as applied) Beige / Transparent
Colour (after interacting with Rust) Black
Scent Synthetic Resin
Temperature Range -50°C to +80°C
Up to +180°C for up to 15 Minutes
Minimum Shelf-Life  24 Months
IMPA 45 02 20
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Additional Information

Container Size:
Minimum Continuous Temperature:
Maximum Continuous Temperature:
Short-Term Temperature Resistance:
+180°C for up to 15 Minutes
Food Grade / Potable Water Approvals?:
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