Top-Lube Spray - 400ml

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  • Info Image for our Top-Lube Spray; Excellent Creep & Penetration for Lasting Lubrication.
  • A transparent, adhesive lubricant. Top-Lube Spray has excellent penetration and creeping properties and provides permanent lubrication through its high adhesive force. Used on all types of gears, springs, bolts, bearings and more.
  • Threaded fitting being lubricated with Top-Lube Spray before installation
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  • Outstanding creeping and penetration properties for long lasting, effective lubrication.
  • Transparent adhesive lubricant that is pressure resistant and water repelling.
  • Versatile lubricant that is easy to apply and effective with most types of components.

Top-Lube Spray is a highly effective lubricant that can be used on a range of force-transmitting bolts, gears, high-speed machinery, joints, couplings, bearings, worm gears and spring assemblies. This lubricating spray has excellent creep properties so it penetrates down into tight crevices to provide very good, long lasting lubrication.

Top-Lube Spray is designed for permanent lubrication. It has a high adhesive force and is pressure resistant to maintain solid lubrication performance over time. This is a synthetic, transparent lubricant that is water-rejecting and can be used during operation of parts in accordance with relevant safety regulations.

Top-Lube Spray is manufactured by Weicon in Germany and is widely used in the marine, automotive, transport and industrial sectors in both Europe and around the world. Once applied, it can withstand temperatures between -40°C and 200°C.

Top-Lube Spray does not attack the following plastics and elastomers:

  • PTFE
  • PE (Polyethylene)
  • PA (Polyamide)
  • Butadiene Rubber
  • Silicone Rubber.

Those listed below have a more limited resistance:

  • LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)
  • POM (Polyoxymethylene, AKA Acetal / Polyacetal)
  • PP (Polypropylene)
  • NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber)

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Top-Lube Spray Specifications.

Colour Colourless / Transparent
Scent Mineral Oil
Temperature Resistance -40°C to +200°C
Minimum Shelf-Life  24 Months
ISSA Reference 53.402.12
IMPA Refernece 45 08 26
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