Zinc Spray - Cold Galvanising Corrosion Protection - 400ml

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  • Info Image for our Zinc Spray - Cold Galvanising, Long Lasting Rust and Corrosion Protection Spray
  • Very high quality corrosion protection spray made with 99.9% pure Zinc Flakes. Zinc Spray adheres to all kinds of metal and creates a permanent protective layer that prevents rust and corrosion. Coloured to match the appearance of slightly-weathered zinc.
  • Zinc Spray Applied to Metal Angle
  • Zinc Spray Applied to Metal Length
  • Zinc Spray used to touch up exposed welds and prevent corrosion
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  • German-Engineered, High Quality Spray-On Zinc for Permanent Rust and Cathodic Corrosion Protection
  • Manufactured with very high purity zinc flakes for superior protection than sprays made with zinc pellets.
  • Bonds to all metal surfaces and dries to form a high-purity, high metal content barrier that withstands extreme weather and temperatures

Weicon Zinc Spray is a very high quality form of cold galvanising spray used to permanently protect exposed metal. Once applied, Zinc Spray will form a fast-drying and extremely long lasting protective layer. This layer will protect the coated surface from moisture and prevent rust or cathodic corrosion.

Unlike many other types of Zinc Sprays and Cold-Gal sprays, Weicon Zinc Spray is manufactured using very high purity zinc flakes, rather than zinc pellets. The flakes naturally settle to form a more robust, harder to penetrate protective layer which allows our Zinc Spray to provide extremely good, long-term performance.

This performance has been tested in the DIN 53151 and EN ISO 9227 Salt Spray Test wherein a surface coated with Zinc Spray is bombarded with concentrated salt. In these conditions, Weicon Zinc Spray lasted over 1050 hours. That may not sound like long but it is roughly equal to 10+ years of natural weathering in Australian conditions.

Weicon Zinc Spray is manufactured from a combination of high purity (99.9% pure) Zinc and Aluminium Pigments combined with a styrenated alkyd resin binding agent. It will stick to all metal surfaces and does not need a primer to be applied beforehand. Once it’s dried, the percentage of metal in the dry film is a (very high) 70%.

Zinc Spray will be dust dry around 15 minutes after application and hardened after about 12 hours. It can be painted over, but should be left for 24 hours before you do so. Fully hardened Zinc Spray will withstand temperatures between -50°C and +500°C.

Coatings created with this Zinc Spray will be abrasion resistant and very long lasting. It has also been subjected to the DIN EN ISO 1519 mandrel bend test where it exhibited no hair cracking (important if you are applying it to parts that may more and shift like gate fixtures).

Zinc Spray has a colour that matches that of slightly weathered Zinc (RAL 9006) and is approved by the German-TUV (German technical inspection association). Zinc Spray also fulfils higher requirements than those required by the demanding, DIN EN ISO 1461 standard.

Applications for Zinc Spray - Cold Galvanising Corrosion Protection

  • As an anti-rust primer for metal that will be painted or coated.
  • For coating and protecting welded joints
  • Protecting exposed metal edges on galvanised parts and fixtures
  • For protecting and coating drilled holes
  • As a conductive intermediate layer for spot welding
  • In many, many other applications where metal parts need to be protected from corrosion.

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Zinc Spray Specifications.

Colour Zinc (Grey, Slightly Weathered) (RAL 9006)
Areas of Use Indoors and Outdoors
Binding Agent Styrenated Alkyd Resin
Pigment Flaky Zinc and Aluminium Pigments
Pigment Purity 99.9% (Both Zinc and Aluminium)
Percentage of Metal in the Dry Film 70% (Approx.)
Specific Gravity 1.1 - 1.3 g/cm³
Suggested Primer Not Required
Processing Temperature +5°C to +35°C (Ideal is 18°C - 25°C)
Consumption w/ 1.5 Cross Coats 150ml / m² (Approx.)
Layer Thickness w/ 1.5 Cross Coats 30-50μm
Dust Dry 15 Minutes (Approx.)
Hardened 12 Hours (Approx.)
Paintable 24 Hours (Approx.)
Abrasion Resistant Yes
Cross-Cutting (DIN 53151 / ISO 2409) Cross Cut Characteristic Value GT 0
Salt Spray Test (ISO 9227) >1050 Hours
Mandrel Bend Test (DIN EN ISO 1519) No Hair Cracking
Top Coating Not Required
Temperature Resistance
(After Complete Hardening)
-50°C to +500°C
IMPA Reference 45 08 11
ISSA Reference 53.402.06
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Additional Information

Container Size:
Minimum Continuous Temperature:
Maximum Continuous Temperature:
Flaky Zinc and Aluminium Pigments
Application Area:
Indoors & Outdoors
Specific Gravity:
1.1 - 1.3 g/cm³
Dust Dry Time:
15 Minutes
Hardening Time:
12 Hours
Overpaintable After…:
24 Hours
Salt Spray Test:
>1,050 Hours (DIN EN ISO 9227)
Mandrel Bend Test:
No Hair Cracking (DIN EN ISO 1519)
Consumpation at 1.5 Cross Coats:
150ml/m² (Average)
Food Grade / Potable Water Approvals?:
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